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Play list for Darkwave Garden - 05 June 2014

6/6/2014 - I would like to extend my thanks to Bryan Pollard for having a another great night at Darkwave Garden. The Shakedown is a really cool venue to hear some dark spins. I had an extremely good time once again in front of the decks with PNM at my side! We both rocked mixing the old and the new. FYI... Without your support venues like the Shakedown will be forced to close. Your support is extremely appreciative.

I would like to thank everyone that came to Darkwave Garden. Without all of you it would not have happened.

But the truth is there was no support, which hurts both the venue and the scene. We can't do much else except find the venues and put the effort in putting clubs on. Since the only people were walk ins, I took the liberty to play anything I wanted on my my second set. I thought it was a pretty damn fine hard set and actually beat mixed most of the set, which is something I normally do not do so it does not sound like a total rave. But damn! I was spot on and had fun spinning.

The play list has been posted for June 05, 2014. You can find the play list in the drop down menu for Darkwave Garden. Just click on the date and a popup window should appear.

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