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DJ Reverend Cybian: Who Am I: Bio from Sabbat, March 1999

Bio from Sabbat, March 1999

"Why don't you deejay, you know about and have a lot of music." That was what people would ask me at the clubs. People asked me a lot of questions about what was being played at the clubs and since I was knowledgeable, I guess they assumed I had a large library of music. Which they were right. If I have one vice it would definitely have to be music.

Well, I started thinking about it and was listening to other Deejay's sets. I started to realize that there was a lot of music that was not being played at the clubs. I thought a lot of great songs and bands deserved a lot more recognition in our scene. And why not make San Diego the forefront in music being played at clubs.

As fate had it, a slot opened up at Therapy. I owe Bryan Pollard for agreeing when I asked him if I could try out for the slot. Bryan also knew that music has always been a part of my life and unlike many promoters, he took a chance with someone who had no experience and gave me the opening at Therapy. Since then I have deejayed at various clubs and events including: Vortex, Das Zimmer, Sin Club, Paradox, Klub Retro and most recently Linda Estep's Sabbat.

When I am up there spinning in the booth, I deejay to the way I feel and my mood at the present moment. Deejaying to me is a reflection of one's self and personality. It's not to be popular or to be in the limelight. (Which I will admit I do not mind at all.) As a deejay you can dictate the mood and atmosphere in a club. You can slow or speed up the tempo. You can make it a peaceful or an aggro environment. The only limit is with your imagination.

Most patrons who have witnessed my spinning at clubs have come to realize that I mostly play new and obscure music. I'm satisfied that people have come to respect that. I take it as a compliment when someone tells me that when I step into the deejay booth that they know they will not recognize most of the songs that I play. But they know it will be good.

So, you might not know what I am playing, either it be Electro, E.B.M., Power Noise, Trance, Synth Pop or what have you. But you can be assured that even if it is fast or slow, clean or noisy, that the beats will always be phat!

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