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Play list for Darkwave Garden - 04 August 2016

Play list for Darkwave Garden - 07 July 2016

DJing at Darkwave Garden DWG - 04 July 2016

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DJ Reverend Cybian

I hope your visit to my web site. You can read up on my bio at Who Am I or check out my latest suggestions for links on the web. Keep updated on latest current events and musings by visiting my LiveJournal section. Remember to check out the cheap zithromax section for all my current play lists and quit a few old ones too. And stay entertained by visiting the Gallery.

I have been deejaying in the San Diego underground scene since cutting my teeth at the end of '96. From Bryan Pollard's Therapy and other various clubs, Linda E's Sabbat, to promoting/deejaying the late club Luminal with some friends of mine. For a little more history, please feel free to view the Who Am I section.

I am better known for spinning powernoize, endzeit e.b.m, and harsh elektro in the San Diego Industrial/Goth scene. On the height of Synth Pop (nothing wrong with Synth Pop minds you) being played in 1996, I wanted to bring it to a harder level. From growing up with the likes of Front 242, Front Line Assembly, KMFDM, Ministry and the whole Wax Trak crew back in the 80's, I wanted to bring back some of that raw aggression into the scene again. And Europe was exploding from the early 1990's with some great harsher acts. Some of these bands were getting played like Leæther Strip and the occasional :wumpscut:, but not enough in my eyes (or ears to be better put).

This doesn't mean that I do not like the slower more melodic style of the darkwave/gothic genre of music. Any close friend can tell you that I have plenty in my collection and I usually listen to that genre of music when I want to relax. I can also spin it as I did at Das Zimmer, but I do believe clubs should be filled with energy and hard pumping beats to keep your blood boiling and your feet moving.

Web Developing
As far as web developing goes, I first dabbled in it back in the 90's. By the end of the 1998 I was maintaining my department's section in the company's web site and then moved on to be their first professional Web Developer back in the beginning of 2000. After many years of helping out individuals and working professionally as a web developer, I am finally moving on as an independent web developer. I have just accepted to be the web developer of Diva Devotchka. Currently we are working on the backend and content. Stayed tuned for a fresh new loook! If you have any questions on web design, please visit my Contact page. Due to some time constraints because I am finishing up my Bachelors Science in Information Technolgy, I will be looking at individual inquiries on a case by case basis.

Remember there has been only one original Cybian since the early nineties and I've been contributing to the San Diego Dark Underground scene with my deejaying and assaulting the www though my designing.

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