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Play list for Infrastructure - 15 September 2011

Better late than never!

3/10/2012 -

Yes... Better late than never on posting the play list. Special thanks to PNM for originally typing this up and posting it in the Infrastructure Underground Movement FaceBook page among others. It made my life a lot easier with cutting and pasting!

This was another exciting night with four DJs spinning for your dancing pleasure. I would like to extend my thanks the Infrastructure crew having me guest DJ at Infrastructure. It was also fun to spin with PN Mike, Necrotica and Severin! I had an extremely good time!

I would like to thank everyone that came to Infrastructure. Without all of you it would not have happened. The play list has been posted for September 15, 2011. I hope you all enjoyed the music as much as I enjoyed spinning it. You can find the play list in the drop down menu for Infrastructure. Just click on the date and a popup window should appear.

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