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Play list for Darkwave Garden - 04 August 2016

A Night With Cybian

8/12/2016 - This is not really a DWG playlist. The night was double booked with bands playing earlier and DWG would not have opened until 10PM, so it was cancelled.

Rob Logic the manager of the Bancroft Bar, asked us if we wanted to just hang out and spin. So, I decided to take the opportunity and play whatever I wanted.

It was hot where I sat upped my equipment, but having the freedom took away the edge of the heat. So, off I went to an over a two hour DJ set. I started as usual, with some slow Phat IDM/Noize/Ambient beats then worked it into some old school beats. From there to keep it in the DWG spirit, I played some old classics to new hits and some songs that should have been played in clubs. I went a little funky and beat mixed a few tracks just because I could. I could have easily spun till the morning since I had so many avenues and genres to play. I had to pull myself away from the decks.

So, here is a tiny taste of me going off and not just power noize, which I am famous for. FYI... DWG is free all the time and it is on Thursdays. It's a great way to start your weekend. Very chill and great bartenders and drinks. And myself and PNM will keep the beats flowing.

The play list has been posted for August 04, 2016. You can find the playlist in the drop down menu for Darkwave Garden. Just click on the date and a popup window should appear.

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